Timothy Robertson

Born and raised in Fremantle, Western Australia, Timothy Robertson is one to watch. His passion for design was sparked at a young age as he frequently found himself in his father's furniture workshop, observing and being inspired by his work.  

Timothy's design ethos draws inspiration from Australia's natural environment and flora, a distinctive vernacular passed down from his father’s practice. Timothy is now based in Sydney and works from a beachside studio bathed in natural light, providing an ideal environment for his creative process. His most essential tools include a sketchbook, verniers and a model making kit.  

Timothy describes his design approach as authentic, reflecting the teachings and influences from his upbringing. His philosophy and process emphasise storytelling, nostalgia, and purpose, ensuring that each creation possesses a meaningful narrative.  

When it comes to materials, Timothy favours working with stainless steel, leather, wool, and timber, appreciating their natural beauty and imperfections. He also finds inspiration in the vibrant palettes of the outdoors, particularly in the Australian bush.

  • Umbo Oil Burner Travertine
    Umbo Oil Burner Travertine
  • Umbo Oil Burner Brushed Aluminium
    Umbo Oil Burner Brushed Aluminium
  • Pa Lounge Chair
    Pa Lounge Chair
  • Pa Dining Chair
    Pa Dining Chair
  • Pa Dining Armchair
    Pa Dining Armchair
  • Pa Counter Stool
    Pa Counter Stool
  • Pa Bar Stool
    Pa Bar Stool
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