Jack Flanagan & Callum Campbell

Hailing from Western Australia, Jack Flanagan is an industrial designer inspired by the junction where engineering and art meet. His design objective is to create pobjects that will last the test of time, both physically and aesthetically.

Motivated by profound emotional drivers related to abstract concepts, Callum Campbell’s work is a reflection of his mind expressed through thoughtfully designed objects. Concerned with the physical and sentimental materiality of objects, great importance is placed on the inherent value of meaningful ownership and longevity. Minimalist sensibilities and considered manufacturing processes help to inform his unique aesthetic with honest expressions.

  • Grain Stool 750mm
    Grain Stool 750mm
  • Grain Stool 650mm
    Grain Stool 650mm
  • Grain Stool 450mm
    Grain Stool 450mm
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