Meet Pa - an elegant new seating range designed by Timothy Robertson for nau. Read on to discover the collection, which is named in honour of the designer's furniture-maker father and showcased in a new range of native Australian timbers.

Experience the warmth and embrace of Pa; a new seating range where simplicity meets elegance in perfect harmony. Crafted in a range of unique native Australian timbers and American hardwoods, the Pa collection includes a Lounge Chair, Dining Armchair and Counter/Bar Stool.

The name ‘Pa’ is a heartfelt tribute to the designer’s father, symbolising the wisdom and support passed down through generations of Australian furniture designers.

Pa is available for pre-order now and will arrive in stock in February 2024.

Pa Lounge Chair

Pa Dining Armchair

Pa Dining Chair

Pa Stool

Pa’s compact footprint and versatile design make it suitable for a variety of social environments, such as bars and lobbies to residential homes and apartments. Its generous dual radius back- rest allows for easy mobility and conversation, while the lightweight frame allows ambient light to pass through, creating a sense of transparency and neutrality.

“I really wanted to create a compact lounge chair that was visually calm, comfortable, safe, hon- est and that felt like a big warm hug. The timber has such a lovely soft velvety feel about it, Pa is all about tactility, stimulating the senses,” shares designer Timothy Robertson.

Drawing inspiration from the peacefulness of Japanese gardens, each piece captures the beauty of natural timber and creates a sense of calm and comfort in any environment. Its simple construction allows for easy repairs and replacements, and the minimal use of timber makes it efficient to produce. Meticulously researched and tested, the design prioritises ergonomic comfort for users of all heights and sizes.

Pa is the first range designed by Timothy Robertson for Cult’s in-house Australian design brand, nau - it is exclusively in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore at Cult. The collection is available for pre-order now and will arrive in stock in February 2024. 

MATERIAL STUDY. Working with native Australian timbers

Pa is available in a new range of unique native Australian timbers, including Tasmanian Blackwood, Victorian Mountain Ash and Silky Oak; along with other standard nau finishes.

"I was really excited when Richard (Cult Founder and CEO) mentioned he wanted to start using native Australian timbers - we felt like Pa was the perfect range and opportunity for nau to expand and try something different. Growing up in Western Australia, I watched my father use many different Australian timbers, its something that I myself haven’t used before but was excited for the opportunity," shares Pa designer, Timothy Robertson. 

Silky Oak (Cardwellia Sublimis) | This coarse even-textured wood is reddish brown in colour, with a silky lustre. It has a straight grain and large rays. Silky Oak is found in brush forests of coastal areas in Northern Queensland. 

Victorian Mountain Ash (Eucalyptus Regnans) | Pale brown, somtimes pinkish in colour. Sourced from Victoria and Tasmania. Grain is straight with prominent growth ring markings. A tough, strong timber which polishes beautifully. 

Tasmanian Blackwood (Acacia Melanoxylon) | Heartwood golden brown, often with narrow bands of darker colour indicative of the growth rings. Sometimes reddish streaks are also present. Grain usually straight but sometimes wavy, producing a fiddleback figure. Also known as Blackwood, Black Wattle. Grown in Tasmania. 

RISING STAR. Designer Q&A with Timothy Robertson.

In just six months, Timothy Roberston has excelled from winning 'Australia's Next Top Designer' at Design Show in October 2022 to launching his own capsule collection with leading Australian design brand, nau, at the 2023 edition of this event.

Born and raised in Western Australia, Timothy's passion for design was sparked at a young age when he frequently found himself in his father's furniture workshop, observing and being inspired by his work. Timothy's design ethos draws inspiration from Australia's natural environment and flora, a distinctive vernacular passed down from his father’s practice. 

Timothy is now based in Sydney and works from a beachside studio, providing an ideal environment for his creative process. His most essential tools include a sketchbook and a model making kit.

We sat down with Timothy to discuss his career in design, the process behind designing the Pa range and more - read the Q&A to learn more about Timothy! 

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Discover Pa at Design Show Australia.

Visit Cult at stand H42 at Design Show Australia for an exclusive preview of the new Pa range by emerging Australian designer, Timothy Robertson. 

Design Show Australia is the nation’s largest and most significant exhibition for interiors, architecture and fit-out solutions – showcasing the world’s leading brands, manufacturers, superstar designers and future design trends for creators and makers of amazing commercial and residential spaces. 

Design Show Australia is on from 15 - 17 June 2023 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. 

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