Nau is a contemporary australian design brand, offering furniture, lighting and accessories by a collective of australia’s most curious, talented and spirited designers. Producing designs suitable for residential and commercial spaces, from elegant lounge furniture to modular shelving with endless possibility, the nau collection is reductive in form, honest in materiality and timeless in style.

  • Nau Scent 01
    Nau Scent 01
  • Kubrick Stool 740mm
    Kubrick Stool 740mm
  • Strand Chair
    Strand Chair
  • Rev Stool 650mm
    Rev Stool 650mm
  • Bell Pendant
    Bell Pendant
  • Banksia
  • Molloy Dining Table 2400 x 1000
    Molloy Dining Table 2400 x 1000
  • Chameleon Table System Round
    Chameleon Table System Round
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