PRESS. The Workplace of Tomorrow by The Local Project 

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The Local Project spotlights new nau contract releases in 'The Workplace of Tomorrow' article, featuring Nami Conference by Tom Fereday and Mega Tulip by Adam Goodrum.  

"Australian contemporary design brand nau has recently released extended collections for both the Mega Tulip Modular Sofa System by Adam Goodrum and Nami Conference Tables by Tom Fereday. Exclusively available at Cult, both collections speak to a sense of curiosity and elegance within the modern workplace.

Exuding a coalescence of work and home, nau’s Mega Tulip Modular Sofa System and Nami Conference Tables bring with them a refreshing intrigue, imbuing the workplace with a refined sense of luxury. From considered materials to flexible design, each piece works hard to reinvent the traditional office space."

Nami conference table 

Nami conference table - high and low

Nami conference table 

Designed for the evolving nature of the workplace, the Mega Tulip provides unbounded possibilities for lounging in office environments.

Mega Tulip high back sofa / Rib table

CPH 90 Desk / Revolt Chair / Arcs Shade / Paper Paper Bin

Mega Tulip high and low back components / Rib table

Mega Tulip high back armchair / Nest table

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