Mega Tulip is a new modular seating system designed by Adam Goodrum for the workplace of tomorrow. 

Designed by Adam Goodrum for the workplace of tomorrow, Mega Tulip features the same organic curves and perfect proportions as its predecessor, Fat Tulip. Suitable for a plethora of commercial environments ranging from flexible workplaces to lobbies to public areas, Mega Tulip has a distinctive softness that also lends itself to residential settings.

Allowing for limitless configurations, Mega Tulip is as adaptable as it is graphically interesting. This flexible modular system is comprised of a diverse landscape of elements, from independent sofas and armchairs, to straight or curved segments and high back booths. Create private zones for focus, open spaces for interaction or casual areas for relaxation.

Mega Tulip is available to explore in selected Cult showrooms and is available to order now. Click below to explore the entire collection.

Photography by Fiona Susanto.

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